Steel is a combination of iron, carbon and other elements. Due to its high elasticity and low cost, it is a preferred material for the production of buildings, cars, aircraft, machines but also for medical applications. To guarantee this, Benelux Scientific focuses on the Thermo Scientific Phenom ParticleX Steel Desktop SEM.

The ParticleX Steel provides high-quality SEM images and dispersive EDS analysis data of steel samples during the different steps of the steelmaking process and ensures accurate data required to produce high-purity steel. Desktop SEM enables high quality steel production through more tight and faster control and process improvement.

Phenom ParticleX Steel Desktop SEM

Metallurgists and researchers in steelmaking need scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) data for error analysis and process improvement. The Phenom ParticleX Steel Desktop SEM is a multifunctional desktop SEM that enables error analysis and automated characterization of all non-metallic inclusions in steel. 

Phenom ParticleX Steel Desktop SEM is a versatile solution for high quality imaging. In addition, it provides elemental analysis of steel samples. This data is needed to ensure today’s efficient production of high quality steels. A quick and easy analysis allows you to react quickly to all customer complaints, error messages, defects, etc. while the automated analysis of steel inclusions provides an insight about the steel production process.

Phenom ParticleX Steel Desktop SEM features:

  • Small footprint (No need for infrastructure modifications)
  • Easy to use (User-friendly and easy to learn)
  • Specific software per industry and application (helps quickly capture valuable data)
  • Modularly expandable

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Importance of good steel production

Non-metallic inclusions in steel production are inevitable. However, they can be perfectly controlled. When customers need high-purity steel for building cars, planes, machines or other purposes, they have increasingly stringent requirements in terms of strength, purity, durability or lower weight. In addition, they demand faster lead times and profitability, while maintaining a reputation as a high-purity steel producer.

For all of these, it is critical to have proper and automated micro-scale containment analysis available with the Phenom ParticleX steel Desktop SEM. 

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