Phenom SEM on tour 2024

Phenom SEM on tour

May – November 2024

6 Countries, 19 locations

Mark your calendar for your nearest, free, one-day seminar – focused on insights and hands-on experiences on innovative electron microscopy solutions. 

The biggest and very successful Phenom SEM on tour in Europe is set to start in May until November, covering 6 different countries with 19 different locations – bringing close to you the innovative technique of electron microscopy.  

These events are free of charge.

Phenom SEM on tour 2024 – Germany

Phenom SEM on tour 2024 – Belgium

Phenom SEM on tour 2024 – France

Phenom SEM on tour 2024 – Austria

Phenom SEM on tour 2024 – Switzerland

Why attend?

Hands-on experience

One of the unique aspects of the Phenom SEM on tour is the chance to test the SEM systems with your own samples and gain practical experience and evaluate the performance of the equipment firsthand.

Insights into latest developments

This event will keep you up to date with the latest trends in electron microscopy, software solutions, related sample preparation techniques, and other new developments. 

Best practice sharing

Specialists from the field of electron microscopy will share their best practice examples and valuable insights into how these techniques are applied in various industries.

Tips and tricks

The event also focuses on sharing tips and tricks to make your work more effective. You can gain practical advice on how to optimize your own work and achieve more effective results.

Networking opportunities

Attending the Phenom SEM on tour allows you to connect and network with a community of scientists, researchers, and experts in the field of electron microscopy and spectroscopy.

More perks

Certificate of participation
Drinks and lunch included
Exciting giveaways