Who we are

Electron-microscopes.com is an information platform on scanning electron microscopy (SEM), supported by a number of local European distributors of the Thermo Scientific Phenom electron microscope product lines.

This website is intended as an introduction to the popular desktop electron microscopy technology that has developed at lightning speed over the past decades and is used today in thousands of labs worldwide.

In addition to the Thermo Scientific Phenom desktop SEM range, we also offer alternatives such as the Thermo Axia floor model SEM for imaging bulky samples. Also learn about the possibilities in the field of hardware, software and automation, the different techniques for SEM sample preparation or the wide range of useful supplies for daily use.

Electron-microscopes.com is powered by a number of local European suppliers of scientific lab equipment. Please check our websites for more information:

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The companies jointly managing this website are part of the Aptco Group.

The Aptco Group is an international technology group dedicated to the distribution, production, maintenance and calibration of scientific instruments and measuring equipment for industrial, medical and academic laboratories and production environments.