Phenom Pro: Research-level SEM

The Phenom Pro desktop SEM is a high-performance SEM for the ultimate all-in-one imaging applications. A unique and powerful core architecture combines with a host of hardware and software features to provide the most complete desktop SEM solution on the market. Phenom SEMs are equipped with a high brightness Cerium Hexaboride (CeB6) source, allowing for better image resolution through the range of accelerating voltages and a longer source lifetime compared to tungsten sources.

Superior Imaging

High brightness, long lifetime CeB6 source

Fastest SEM Available

30 seconds from loading to electron imaging

Ease of Use

Designed to be easy to use for both new and experienced users


Phenom Pro can be easily upgraded to the ProX on-site

The Phenom Pro desktop SEM is optimized to be the ultimate all-in-one imaging system for any application. The innovative design of the Phenoms provides a list of advantages over other desktop SEMs:

Multiple acceleration voltages (4.8-20.5kV)
Color optical camera for single-click navigation
Charge reduction mode reduces need to coat samples
Upgrade to ProX for fully integrated elemental analysis with EDS detector option
Secondary electron detector option
Small footprint – no infrastructure needed
Low maintenance
High stability with vibration isolation design
Multiple sample holders are designed for optimizing sample imaging

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