SEM solutions for imaging

One of the great revolutions in electron microscopy was the miniaturization of scanning electron microscopes from large floor models to compact desktop models.

Desktop SEMs, also called tabletop or benchtop SEMs, retain much of the power and capabilities of floor systems while also introducing a versatility of their own, fitting more easily into lab spaces and providing a suite of specialized software analysis tools.

These systems prioritize ease of use and are ideal for in-house analysis at multi-user labs where not everyone needs to be a SEM specialist.

High Resolution Imaging

Bright, long-lifetime CeB6 or FEG electron sources for consistent performance and stability

Speed to Data

High sensitivity detectors paired with the fastest vent/load cycle provides an average time-to-image of under 40 seconds

Intuitive Operation

Imaging parameters and microscope functions controlled through a clear and navigable user interface

Low Cost of Ownership

Resilient hardware enables low downtime and infrequent source changes, minimizing the overall maintenance cost


Floor model SEM

For imaging big samples up to up to 10 kg and 130 mm diameter we propose the Axia ChemiSEM. This floor model SEM has Integrated User Guidance, live real-time compositional imaging, and alignment-free operation combine on this instrument to allow you to stay focused during data collection.

The excellent electron-optical resolution enables characterization of sub-micrometer inclusions.