Phenom Pharos: Field Emission Gun

The Thermo Scientific Phenom Pharos desktop SEM uses a field emission gun (FEG) as its source of electrons for applications that demand the highest resolution.

Benefitting from a broad accelerating voltage range of 1-20 kV, the Phenom Pharos is capable of accommodating a variety of insulating and beam-sensitive samples with low kV imaging, an ability enhanced further by a temperature controlled sample holder, among other compatible holders.

High Resolution Imaging

Field electron emission brings unmatched performance across all desktop SEMs

Low kV Imaging

Go as low as 1 kV of accelerating voltage for insulating and beam sensitive specimens

Intuitive Interface

Operating a powerful FEG-SEM has never been easier with a clear and navigable user interface

No Infrastructure Needed

Tabletop, benchtop, or desktop, installation only requires a sturdy table and a single power outlet

The Phenom Pharos G2 desktop SEM is the premier field emission desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM), from Thermo Fisher Scientific, designed to be the most accessible FEG system with the smallest footprint on the market, yet also capable of delivering the highest resolution images of any other desktop SEM.

The core architecture of the Phenom Pharos is of the same design that has established the Phenom line of desktop SEMs as the world’s best- selling desktop SEMs, such as Secondary electron detector (SED), optional energy-dispersive X-ray detector (EDS), low vacuum modes and sophisticated suite of analytical software permit a thorough analysis of any sample.

Coupling the core characteristics of Phenom SEMs with the low kV imaging and field emission technology of the Phenom Pharos pushes the boundaries of electron microscopy to new limits by enabling the detailed characterization of sensitive samples in pristine states.

The innovative design of the Phenom Pharos provides a list of advantages over other desktop SEMs:

Schottky field electron emission (FEG-SEM)
Accelerating voltage range of 1-20 kV
2,000,000x maximum SEM magnification
Color optical camera for single-click navigation
Integrated EDS detector option for elemental composition
SED option for topography insights
No infrastructure needed

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