Model 1070 NanoClean

Only available in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg

Simultaneously cleans electron microscopy specimens and holders
The NanoClean automatically and quickly removes organic contamination (hydrocarbon) for microscopy applications. It is multifunctional; it simultaneously cleans electron microscopy specimens, specimen holders, and stubs. It is also ideal for surface science techniques.

The NanoClean features an easy-to-use touchscreen embedded module that allows the user to control individual instrument functions, such as delivered power, chamber pressure, gas mixture, and process time. For dedicated cleaning of electron microscopy specimens and holders, the NanoClean includes a recipe that yields optimal plasma processing conditions. Other recipes are available for applications, such as enhancing the hydrophilic properties of biological support grids.

 Simultaneously cleans specimens, specimen holders, and specimen mounts
 No change to elemental composition or structural characteristics
 Multiple gas inlets with mixing capabilities
 Evacuates vacuum storage containers

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