Phenom Programming Interface

Phenom desktop SEMs benefit from Python compatibility, a feature that enables users to activate coded scripts that control imaging workflows and data collection procedures. Scripting offers absolute freedom to dictate which functions the microscope performs, how that action is completed, and where each step may fit into a larger sequence. There are two ways of implementing Python with Phenom Desktop SEM. The first is known as the Phenom Programming Interface (PPI) package and gives users direct access to code themselves. Contrarily, the second method, Phenom Process Automation (PPA), represents a coding solution in which the script is planned, developed, and delivered to the recipient by an external team.

 Freedom to craft SEM Workflows: The library contains hundreds of callable functions to control the electron beam, sample stage, EDS, and anything in between
 Time Saving Solution Whether it’s PPI or PPA, Python makes it possible to contain a huge sequence of SEM actions in a single button or custom user interface

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