The LUXORAu is an advanced, fully automated sputtering device that applies a fine grain gold coating from 1 to 100 nm thickness. This allows you to get the very best SEM imaging quality from your samples.

LUXOR’s unique A² technology creates a controlled plasma in the process gas. In the plasma, ions are accelerated by means of high voltage and directed onto the gold target. Finest gold atom clusters are thereby released from the target and coat your samples in a precise manner, resulting in an extremely uniform, thin and homogeneous gold layer.

The LUXORAu is also renowned for its ease of use and quick, hassle-free operation.

Optimised User Interface
First of all, the LUXORAu is remarkably easy to use. Using the built-in touchscreen, the coating process can be initiated with just a few clicks.

 Superior Gold Coating Resolution
Field tests clearly show that the LUXORAu generates more homogeneous and smaller gold grains, compared to other coating instruments in the market. Furthermore, the A² technology ensures identical, reproducible coating results, day after day and year after year.

 Increased Speed & Efficiency
The LUXORAu is able to process up to six samples in one go. And while the gold coating procedure is very precise, it is also remarkably fast.

 Advanced SEM Protection
The unique ‘upside down’ design of the LUXORAu makes sure that loose particles will be removed during the coating process. This way, your SEM is optimally protected.

  Robust Design, Made in Germany
Despite its modest footprint and elegant appearance, the LUXORAu is a robust, sturdy device. It is designed to be used intensively and run hassle-free for many year

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