SEM for analyzing

Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS or EDX) provides elemental composition information by analyzing the X-rays released by a sample when hit by the electron beam. This is a fast, accurate and non-destructive method for identifying compounds on a micron-scale.

The advanced technology of both our CeB6 and FEG sources, provide high x-ray count rates, greatly shortening the time to results over traditional tungsten-based systems. The fully integrated silicon drift detector (SDD) with an ultra-thin window allows detection of elements B to Cf. Even over large areas, actionable data can be collected in less 60 seconds.

The elemental analysis software and hardware are fully integrated in the Phenom microscopes. The user interface allows seamless switching between image collection and EDS acquisition. The highly tuned peak identification algorithm ensures precise elemental information for any user, regardless of experience level. Detector settings are automatically optimized for the beam conditions used, ensuring the best results every time.

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Fast Results

High X-ray count rates provide results quickly, even over large areas

One Click Analysis

A fully integrated workflow ensures that collecting and interpretating data is fast and accurate

Elemental Analysis Software

Regardless of the user’s experience level, the Phenom’s elemental analysis software provides high quality results with its user-friendly integrated interface. Quickly analyze foreign materials in samples, inclusions, multilayer coatings, multiphase interfaces, and more.

Four Powerful Analysis Modes

 Spot: quickly identify the elemental composition in a specific spot
 Region: Determine the average elemental composition of a larger area
 Line: Plot changes in elemental abundances along a line
 Map: Visualize all elements present in a sample