ParticleX Steel

The Phenom ParticleX Steel Desktop SEM is a combined SEM imaging and EDS analysis instrument for quality control in steel manufacturing, with industry-specific software designed to quickly and easily provide high-quality data for inclusion, fault, and failure analysis.

Designed for stability and atomic resolution imaging

The Phenom XL G2 desktop SEM features the largest sample stage of any desktop SEM and delivers intuitive, automated solutions that eliminate manual repetitive tasks. The large chamber enables innovative solutions such as motorized eucentric sample tilting, in situ tensile testing, and electrical feedthrough capabilities. Dry-room and argon compatibility is available for placing the SEM in inert environments and protecting sensitive samples.

The innovative design of the Phenom XL provides a list of advantages over other desktop SEMs:

SEM and EDS integrated into one instrument to meet all needs in a steel plant.

  Ease of use
New operators should be able to produce quality data with minimal training.

  Industry-specific software
Operation is further simplified, providing practical insight on common inclusions.

  High brightness
The CeB6 source enables characterization of sub-micrometer inclusions.

Once you are comfortable with the tool, modify initial protocols to meet your specific analytical needs.

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