Phenom XL: High throughput SEM

The Phenom XL G2 desktop scanning electron microscope pushes the boundaries of desktop electron microscope with unprecedented opportunity for automation. Combining the proven ease of use and fast workflow of the Phenom series with the largest chamber and sample stage (100×100 mm2) of any desktop SEM results in a powerful tool for high-throughput analysis.

The easy-to-learn interface features full-screen images and an average time-to-image of < 45 seconds. The unique Cerium Hexaboride (CeB6) electron source offers a long lifetime with less maintenance than tungsten. The microscope’s small form factor requires little lab space, allowing you to place the Phenom exactly where you need it.


Perform tedious and repetitive analyses with ease

100×100 mm2 Sample Stage

The largest of any desktop SEM

Superior Imaging

High brightness, long lifetime CeB6 source

Environmental Compatibility

Place in a dry room or glovebox

Phenom XL G2 Desktop SEM

The versatile desktop SEM that automates quality control

The Phenom XL G2 desktop SEM features the largest sample stage of any desktop SEM and delivers intuitive, automated solutions that eliminate manual repetitive tasks.

The large chamber enables innovative solutions such as motorized eucentric sample tilting, in situ tensile testing, and electrical feedthrough capabilities. Dry-room and argon compatibility is available for placing the SEM in inert environments and protecting sensitive samples.

The innovative design of the Phenom XL provides a list of advantages over other desktop SEMs:

 Fastest vent/load cycle for high throughput
 Only 45 seconds from sample load to SEM imaging
 Color optical camera for single-click navigation
 Charge reduction mode reduces need to coat non-conductive samples

 Fully integrated elemental analysis with EDS detector option
 Secondary electron detector option
 Small footprint with no infrastructure needed

Phenom XL desktop SEM

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