Phenom STEM Sample Holder

The Phenom scanning transmission electron microscopy Sample Holder for Pharos is a game-changer for researchers in a variety of fields, including battery, metals and alloys, catalysts, nanomaterials, and biological samples such as tissues. This sample holder is specifically designed for standard 3 mm TEM grids and allows for the study of these samples in transmission mode, providing unique contrast and information. The Phenom STEM Sample Holder offers a fully automated and unparalleled STEM analysis concept for desktop systems, with the ability to switch between three different imaging modes in transmission. This offers more detailed, enhanced contrast, and more information on thin samples, making it an invaluable tool for those seeking a deeper understanding on a small length scale.

Scanning transmission electron microscopy workflow
Our solution streamlines the transmission microscopy workflow for users who need quick answers rather than detailed ultrastructural cellular information. With our Sample Holder, scanning transmission electron microscopy imaging can be performed in under 3 minutes after sample loading, saving time and effort fully integrated into the user interface, the Phenom STEM Sample Holder offers a seamless and familiar experience for users of regular SED or BSD operating modes. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can easily switch between bright field and dark field images, making it easy to access the information you need. Whether you’re working in an industrial or academic setting, the Phenom STEM Sample Holder for Pharos is a must-have for anyone looking to expand their application range towards nanomaterials and soft matter. Its fully automated, user-friendly design makes it a breeze to use, so you can focus on the work.

Application versatility
The FEG Desktop system now offers STEM capabilities for everyone, with fully automated imaging for bright field, dark field, and HAADF modes.

Easy to train
The STEM imaging detector is seamlessly integrated into the regular SEM user interface, maintaining the same level of ease of use. All auto-functions remain accessible, and capturing an image is as simple as clicking a mouse button. This makes it effortless to use the STEM imaging detector and get the images you need.

High-resolution imaging
Transmission modes allow for resolutions finer than those possible with the SED (Secondary Electron Detector).

Fast workflow
With this Sample Holder, real STEM imaging is possible; bright field (BF), dark field (DF) and high angle annular dark field (HAADF) are possible.

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