Upgrade Your Analysis capacity: Get ChemiSEM & ChemiPhase free with your Phenom desktop SEM + EDS

What is ChemiSEM Technology?

ChemiSEM™ Technology, is an advanced and revolutionary solution designed to address the complex needs of customers in material characterization. It brings together live quantification and EDS analysis expertise to deliver elemental information quickly and effortlessly. With ChemiSEM™, you get reliable results, uncover hidden features, and access complete data.

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Advantages of SEM EDS analysis with ChemiSEM Technology

  • ChemiSEM™ continuously collects the EDS signal during SEM imaging, capturing a full EDS spectrum at every point in the image.
  • See the big picture with comprehensive micro-scale elemental composition. Immediate color results highlight defects or imperfections that might have been missed with conventional techniques.
  • Get a complete characterization of your sample at a glance with simultaneous viewing of Secondary Electron Detector (SED) and elemental information in a single frame.
ChemiSEM technology

Phase analysis with ChemiSEM Technology

Introducing ChemiPhase, the game-changing feature in ChemiSEM that is revolutionizing phase analysis.

With ChemiPhase’s advanced big data approach, detecting statistically significant spectra within your datacube is easy. It leaves no room for error, avoiding unexpected element misses due to overlaps or intensities.

Phenom ChemiSEM software
ChemiPhase image of a refractory material (brown fused alumina) used in steel production. The phase analysis shows the location of the alumina (light blue) but also the presence of unexpected materials that act as contamination, such as titanium oxide (displayed in pink) and fragments of silica (displayed in yellow).

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