Desktop electron microscopy provides a quality seal for dental implants

Desktop electron microscopy provides a quality seal for dental implants

In the world of dental implants, dentists and patients have to rely on manufacturer statements or FDA and CE marks to feel sure that the implants they use are being manufactured to a standard one would expect of an implantable dental device.

However, recent studies of more than 250 dental implants from over 200 brands found pollution of metal particles, PTFE and other organic contaminants in the sterile packaging and on the surface of the implantable devices, giving cause for concern because of the risk of incomplete adhesion of dental implants or even loss of bone in the early healing period.

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) provides an ideal solution to check the purity of dental implants using image analysis, possibly supplemented by automated analysis of chemical composition (EDX) of particles. During the last decades, desktop electron microscopes such as the Thermo Scientific Phenom SEM have made SEM technology accessible to any control lab, without the need for highly trained operators or dedicated, expensive infrastructure.

Today, desktop SEM is used by implantable dental device manufacturers worldwide as a fast and reliable technique to check pollution of their products. Find out more about how Desktop SEM offers more safety for patients and dentists in this article or on the cleanimplant website.

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