Little bee magnified – This is what the SEM images look like

Little bee magnified – This is what the SEM images look like

The fly: one of our most irritating attackers. They spin around your head while buzzing and land in the most unpleasant places: on your food, for example. In short: you want them away.

But wait!

Before you beat that irritating critter to a pulp: have you ever wondered what a fly, which can see as much as 360° around itself, looks like under an electron microscope?

Find out here!

Thermo Scientific Phenom Desktop SEM: Phenomenal image quality and element analysis

With the Thermo Scientific Phenom desktop SEM, professional electron microscopy at an affordable price is now within the reach of every R&D and QC laboratory. The Phenom SEM provides high-resolution, high-quality images and element analysis (EDS) for a wide range of applications. The Phenom SEM’s intuitive user interface guarantees high-quality results with minimal training. One click on the screen is all it takes for superior resolution images or full element analysis.

Each sample can be easily placed in a specially designed sample holder. After automatic loading, an optical image is obtained immediately and an electron image after only 30 seconds.

Would you also like to know how your samples look with the Thermo Scientific Phenom SEM? Then contact us for a free test.

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