Chemical composition

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Chemical composition

EDX or EDS (energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy) offers a powerful analytical extension of the standard imaging capabilities of electron microscopy. In addition to the familiar single-point analysis, the powerful software can perform surface scans and line scans, among other things. With these, the homogeneity or chemical composition of a surface can be examined, or contaminants can be detected on a (sub-)microscale. Line scans are particularly interesting for studying the adhesion properties, layer thickness or presence of contaminants of a coating on cross sections of samples.

All models within the Thermo Phenom desktop SEM range can be equipped with an EDX module. In addition to the point & ID, Linescan and Elemental Mapping software modules, the floor model Thermo Axia ChemiSEM features Live Color Imaging where analytical information is collected synchronously with the electron scanning process. This is then presented in the form of additional color information on top of the conventional grayscale image. In other words, the EDX element analysis is always working in the background, and at any time this data can be displayed on top of the standard SEM images.

The various models within the Thermo Phenom ParticleX range are equipped with dedicated software modules that combine imaging and EDX for fully automatic analysis within the areas of Technical Cleanliness, Additive manufacturing, Batteries, Steel and Gun Shot Residue analysis. These devices can perform continuous routine analysis or, for example, be used during the day for R&D purposes and automatically perform standard analysis at night.

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