Failure analysis

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Failure analysis

Defect analysis is a term that covers a very wide range of research topics. In the life cycle of a material, defect analysis can occur in input control of raw materials, in problems during development and production, and in complaint investigations of defective finished products.

For defect analysis, an electron microscope can be very useful because imaging can often identify a direct cause.

In addition, an SEM can be equipped with a number of options that allow a specific property of a material to be examined in conjunction with imaging and spectroscopic EDX analysis.

These include a eucentric sample holder that allows a sample to be examined from different positions, a temperature controlled sample holder that allows the influence of temperature to be captured via imaging, an electrical pass-through holder that allows electrical probes to be connected to the sample for in-situ measurements, or a miniature tensile test bench that allows tensile tests to be performed in the SEM.

These hardware options are complemented by specific software such as a 3D image analysis package from which roughness data can be obtained, or software for determination of fiber, pore or particle size distributions.