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The size, shape, orientation and distribution of pores in materials determines the filtration properties of a number of high-tech materials. Consider applications in the battery and power industries, water purification and a host of medical applications. Not only are the requirements regarding pore distribution and the largest pores present becoming increasingly stringent, but, for example, for battery applications or virus filtration, smaller and smaller pore diameters are being used.

Especially in these areas, SEM is becoming the preferred technique because of its high image resolution. Whereas previously there was a limitation in terms of the number of pores and related shape parameters that could be analyzed within an acceptable time, today the possibilities in this area are almost unlimited due to the exponentially increased computing power of computers. Consequently, an almost unlimited number of pores or images containing pores can be analyzed in the shortest possible time.

Thermo Phenom electron microscopes can be equipped with the Porometric software module. This software determines the pore distribution on one or more pre-recorded images and automatically creates a report with measurement results, accompanying graphs and the raw data.

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