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The study of surfaces is still one of the most important tasks for an electron microscope. Important parameters in this regard are roughness, general topography, determination of inclusions, homogeneity and distribution of different materials and chemical elements across a surface, and the presence of irregularities, structures, cracks and fractures.

The following software modules are available for the study of surfaces:

✓ The 3D Roughness Reconstruction application allows users to generate three-dimensional images and sub-micrometer roughness measurements.

✓ The EDX Elemental Mapping software allows the operator to use the integrated EDX analysis module to define a section of a sample and start scanning this surface to investigate the homogeneity and distribution of chemical elements

Fully automated systems such as the Phenom Particle X Battery and Phenom Particle X Steel can be used for high-throughput work where surfaces of samples are analyzed for the presence of inclusions or irregularities, using a combination of image analysis and EDX.