SEM helps detect chemical manufacturing defects

SEM helps detect chemical manufacturing defects

Benelux Scientific and Thermo Scientific together help investigate the chemical nature of manufacturing defects. With the Thermo Scientific PHENOM desktop SEM, professional electron microscopy at an affordable price is now within the reach of every R&D and QC laboratory.

The PHENOM SEM provides high-resolution, high-quality images and element analysis (EDS) for a wide range of applications.

How does the Phenom desktop SEM work?

  • Each sample can be easily placed in a specially designed sample holder. After automatic loading, an electron image is obtained after only 30 seconds
  • The “never lost” functionality of the included optical color microscope provides a continuous overview of the sample
  • The built-in EDS analyzer allows simultaneous physical examination of the sample structure and chemical composition.

The Phenom desktop SEM has a high magnification factor. Thus, it is able to magnify an image up to 100,000 times for the very smallest details. Thanks to the integrated EDS detector in some models of the Phenom SEM, one can simultaneously physically examine the sample structure and determine its chemical composition. EDS is a technique that uses X-rays generated by bombardment of a sample by an electron beam.

It allows lab operators to perform localized chemical analyses and thus incorporate continuous improvements in the production process.

Application Note SEM Technology

Are you curious about the complete story on SEM technology? In this application note, Berry Veltman, process technology employee at Mosa, enthusiastically explains how the Phenom desktop SEM has helped improve the production and quality of the renowned floor tiles.

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